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About Small Cargo Trailers Co.

We've been in the business of manufacturing high quality products since 1991.

All of us at Small Cargo Trailers Co. take great pride in our manufacturing processes and workmanship. From proprietary designs and machining, to end products recognized as among the very best of their kind, our goal is always to provide our customers with the best product and value possible. To us, that means making a product that's not only good looking but which will last.

It's All About Quality!

Technology changes; materials are improved or discovered. Throughout our years in the business, our products have continued to evolve to take full advantage of these and other developments. That's just one way we work meet or exceed the needs of our customers in quality, price, and service every day!

From the ground up, we use only the highest quality materials and components. Cheap imported parts are everywhere, but we know that to have the best trailer, it takes the best parts. Our trailers are designed and assembled in the USA, and we use as many American-made components as we can. The end result: A trailer that looks great, performs great, and which will be everything you want and need from your trailer for years to come.